Thank you, Linus!

Linus, gorgeous cashmere yearling buck, jumped the fence and made his way around the pasture to the older doe pen – TWICE.  He was recaptured and promptly hooked to the fence behind the barn until further notice.  When we tried to move him out of the rain, he escaped again, the slippery devil!

That told me we’d better go check the fencing.  (I catch on quickly, huh?)  There were at least a half dozen places where the fence had been pulled down low enough for an agile young buck like Linus to easily jump over.

So… Gary and I have been out in the rain for hours, pounding posts and tieing up fencing.  Between catching Linus, corralling the does again, and fixing fencing — we’re on our third pair of wet jeans.  The fencing is better, but Linus, and Edgar are tied up in the barn.  And the does were moved to a pen temporarily.  Never a dull moment.  Dull farmers, yes.  Dull moments, not a one.