Shameless self-promotion!

I grow wonderful fibers, which are made into yarns, socks, handknit and handwoven items.  (Uh, correction! – the GOATS grow the fibers!)

 I have a little shop online and I have recently posted a bunch of yarns and socks to the shop.

 If you need or want any of that sort of stuff (to stuff in a stocking maybe?) you can easily see the shop by going to:

(Or click on My Etsy on the left side of the Laughing Goat Fiber Facebook page.)

If you see something you want, you can buy it from that site, or you can email me directly and avoid the shipping costs.  (Yes!  Free shipping until Christmas!  Just for yous guys!)


You can pay using a check, or Paypal, or credit card.


NOTE:  In many cases I have more quantity than is listed in the shop.  Etsy charges by the item, so I just list a few, and then I’ll relist if those are all sold.

Thanks for looking!

Lisa (and the goats)