Here comes Fall!

The pastures have been very lush this year. We’ve had rain every few days and I’ve been able to keep the goats moving around the fields. Soon, though, this will end. Grass will stop growing, and goats will get hungry.


Tomorrow we will take delivery of about 400 bales of hay. And that’s just half of what we’ll need to get them through the winter.


In order to store the hay, I have to clean out the barn. I need a hay barn, but for now I will make my small barn do double duty.


The animals that are taking shelter in the barn (6 older, somewhat frail goats) will get moved out to a paddock near the barn, just in time for hurricane Irene to soak them. I’ve gotta make sure all the animals have some shelter from the rain. They hate rain.


So, that’s my wild Friday night and Saturday: Move Animals. Clean out the Barn. And Stack Hay. Whew! Good thing Sunday’s for resting…